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Dragon's Joy of Bonsai

Workshop, bonsai car boot sale and auction


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Dragon's joy of bonsai -7th September 2010
update- Auction and car boot sale -1st September 2010

Auction and car boot sale

-31st August 2010


-18th August 2010

A Trip to Kaizen Bonsai 2010.
-5th August 2010
 update   Exmouth display 2010
-1st July 2010
-26th June 2010
-6th June 2010
-6th June 2010
-6th June 2010

The Aims of the Society shall be.
“To Promote the Art of Bonsai
“ through : 
An Informative and Innovative Website.
Sharing and Gaining knowledge throughout the Bonsai world.
Encouraging New membership into the Society.
Constantly developing members skills and understanding.
Making Bonsai Rewarding and Enjoyable.

So Why Join The Dragon Bonsai Society ?

A very good question.
After all it's going to cost me £25.00 a year. So what do I get ?
Well here is what you can expect !

We have a double digit membership figure but there is always room for one more. The members ages range from the modestly young to the positively ancient.( cannot name names though as I would definitely get into trouble ) With this comes a whole range of experiences from the pure ‘novice' right through to the seasoned' enthusiast. Everyone in the Society is there for similar reasons. They are passionate about the Art of Bonsai and irrespective of experience everyone still wants to learn more or share what they already know with others. If you are new to the discipline ? Don't worry. You will never be made to feelintimated or even feel ‘ out of it ‘ every single one of us has been where you feel you are and will be eager to buddy up with you and share what we know to bring you up to speed to make Bonsai enjoyable for you. If you have been in the discipline for many years ? then that is great news. We don't pretend to knoweverything and are always open minded. We believe everyone has something to bring to the party. ( so to speak )

We hold workshops every Sunday between 10.00am and 4.00pm and in addition during the Summer months each Wednesday between 4.00pm and 9.00pm at Bonllwyn Aquatic Centre.
Chris Thomas the Owner is a Bonsai enthusiast of over 20years. ( well, enthusiast is definitely an understatement but if I let him write a description you would be here all day reading it ). The workshops are held in a very large dedicated polytunnel that Chris generously allows us to use unreservedly and has done sofor many years, so no worries when it rains or there is a gale blowing.
The day usually runs with members bringing in various pieces of material in all different stages of development or refinement, so you can usually see someone performing a technique that you can study or practice for yourself. The sort of thing you can expect to see or participate in are discussions about styling a tree, wiring techniques, pruning, feeding, general horticulture, repotting, display techniques or the general sharing of knowledge and experiences. There is always a fair amount of fun filled banter so it's not always serious and feels nothing like being in a classroom if that is what you may be thinking. You can come and go as you please. There is no obligation to be there all day and no obligation to be there every week.
You use the workshops to suit YOU.

There is always plenty of tea and coffee available and Chris's wife Julie treats us every single week to a huge plate of freshly cut sandwiches and it's not uncommon nowdays for a member to bring in some delicious home made cakes or other treats, so if you are looking after your weight watch out !

If you are thinking ‘ well I have no material to use ‘ or I only have a ‘ stick in a pot ‘ etc then you need not worry.
Alongside the Aquatic Centre and on site is Chris's own Bonsai Nursery. Chris has an enormous amount of material of varied species suitable for the ‘novice ‘ right through to you experts out there. From Raw Material through to Developing and Refined. If you have your own pieces then just bring them along.
There is also available a vast range of Pots, Composts, Tools, Wire etc. Handy when just at the wrong moment you have run out of wire or broken that precious pot in the middle of repotting.
Then of course it's not uncommon for members to bring in and share out things like pots they no longer have use for or offer some of their own trees around to other members. There is always someone who is having a good clearout, whether it be their pots or trees. So keep a lookout !

Field Trips.
Dragon Bonsai Society holds a Legal Collecting Licence. As you are probably aware it is illegal to collect a wild tree without the owners consent. Our Licence entitles us to collect certain material from designated areas. Great if you have some material already you can add to your collection , even better if you are just starting out and need some material to work with.
We organise throughout the Autumn and Winter, Field or Collecting trips as we like to call them. They are great fun. You get to spend the day with some great company and outdoors battling the elements ( and the trees ) in some really spectacular local locations. And with a little bit of luck, the right knowledge and the right tools you may come back with a really special piece of material.
Some of the material you may be able to collect and style such as Larch, Hawthorn, Blackthorn are renowned around the Bonsai fraternity. So keep your eyes peeled for that very special tree !!!

We visit numerous National Bonsai Shows, Exhibitions and Trade Shows throughout the year.
Members have the opportunity to travel to these events in transport arranged and subsidised by the Society.
Dragon Bonsai Society also exhibits trees in some of these events and Members are encouraged to develop their trees to a standard to represent Dragon Bonsai. We also put on our own display and exhibition in a dedicated marquee at the Game Fair, Golden Grove. This is an opportunity for all members to exhibit ‘ their pride and joy ‘ and all members are encouraged to do so. It's not compulsory so if you feel you and your tree are not ready yet, then don't worry there's always next year or even the year after…..
And if you feel showing trees is not for you, well just go along anyway. You get to oggle and study some marvellous trees and always leave with some extra knowledge,or have met someone new, picked up a bargain and always leave more inspired.

We arrange throughout the year to go to as many seminars as we can. We subsidise the travel cost.
These seminars are a wonderful opportunity to learn from the ‘ Best of the Best ‘ Here them talk in their field of expertise, demonstrate a whole raft of techniques, give real hints and tips on all aspects of Bonsai from their own real experiences and answer that question you have been trying to get answered for the last 20 odd years even. Take a notebook otherwise you will return home with the inside of your head spinning like a top!!

Join in and contribute to the content in any way you feel comfortable to do. Jerry our ‘ Webmaster ‘ is always looking for content and anyone who can inspire him to produce the best Website in the Bonsai World.

Not Only a National Bonsai Society.
Dragon Bonsai Society is well established in it's own right, but there's lots more. There are centuries of experience within the society and over the years the society through Shows, Exhibitions and Seminars has built up an enviable network of contacts in the Bonsai world. Many of the Best Talented Bonsai Artists in Europe are on first name terms with many of our members. What a privilege eh !


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